Linguistic and Maths skills through music - a key to creativity of integrated European societies

Start: 01-10-2018 - End: 30-09-2020
Project Reference: 2018-1-PL01-KA204-050792
EU Grant: 80628 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Project Summary

We want to become a modern society that looks for new ways of self- improvement. We are sure that it will be possible thanks to implementing the project "Linguistic and mathematical skills through music - the key to the creativity of integrated European Societies" in cooperation with partners from Turkey, Spain and Greece. An international cooperation will support a promotion of common European values such as social integration, tolerance, intercultural understanding. The project is interdisciplinary and multi-faceted, referring primarily to music, mathematics and foreign languages. It will allow the adults to build activity structures as a form of non-formal education - a choir in adult education through the development of mathematical, linguistic and musical skills that will strengthen the competences necessary in the labor market. The participants will be people at different age from 18 to 50+, 60+ and more, employed, unemployed or retired and also with special needs. They have one common feature - openess to new challenges. Thy are people who want to change their attitude to life and get rid of stereotypes through getting to know the other countries' culture and who want to perform their skills during local, regional or international events and pass their knowledge, experience at local and international events.

Adult education, lifelong learning, talent development, civic integration ideas in our project which relate to educational value of European cultural heritage will include the organisation of educational visits and workshops for different target groups i.e. theme meetings on songs and music with musicians or music teachers, concerts in the local, regional, national and internaThe project activities are planned to fulfill the objectives which are coherent with the Erasmus plus priorities. Our objectives will be to develop skills and qualifications in the field of communication in English through the use of musical activity in the adult learning process aimed at stimulating, developing creativity and cooperation skills in the task group, to improve knowledge of other countries’ cultures as well as organizational, economic and legal conditions affecting education, to build non-formal education structures in adult education by acquiring new competences: mathematics, language and music, which will strengthen the competences necessary in the labor market of the modern world, to learn the methods and techniques of adult education used in the countries, elaborate good practices, transfer and popularize experiences, to increase the adults' experience in international cooperation, acquiring both organizational and project management skills. We will fulfill our goals through various forms of activities. Each partner organization will organize a schedule of Cyclic meetings to work in two spheres - musical and lingual:

  • cyclic meetings of the choir, concerts in the environment, organizing and promoting cultural events
  • dance classes: regional dances, ethnic dances - occasionally during partner meetings, getting to know the culture
  • discussion panels on adult education - exchange of experiences,
  • elaborating a publication,
  • theme meetings on songs with "flowers" in different languages, "Meetings with music" - when listeners will learn English through translation the words and singing. During the cyclic meetings the participants will train musical hearing, memory, diction and development of intonation-emission sensitivity. They will develop the skills of artistic performing of choral songs, prepare the team to performance in front of the audience, select the songs, learn vocabulary by translating lines of songs. The participants will be active organizers of events, performances, meetings as well as creators of articles, newsletters and other dissemination materials.

At local level the desired impact is to make people, families and citizens become more confident with other cultures, overcome stereotyps and prejudices. It will be important to share the project so that everyone can benefit from the gained experience . At regional level it is expected the cooperation with the authorities to work together in a wider common purpose , illustrating the best practices gained and improving the quality of education. To a wider European level it is expected to contribute to the development of a first quality longlife learning and make the realization of a permanent european context stronger.

We expect that the project will have an impact primarily on the local community, but also regional, national and European community in particular. We envisage that this project will have an impact within each partner organisation, region or country that the partners operate in and throughout the EU via the identification and analysis of the differences and similarities that leads to the recognition of common models, protocols, guidelines, structures, mechanisms, policies, processes.



  • Gmina Gniewkowo - POLAND


  • Talas Sehit Resul Erdal Aydemir Halk Egitim Merkezi Ve Aksam Sanat Okulu - TURKEY