Start: 01-06-2021 - End: 31-05-2023
Project Reference: 2020-1-TR01-KA227-ADU-098179
EU Grant: 116931 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Partnerships for Creativity

Project Summary

Cultural and creative sectors (CCS) are all sectors whose activities are based on cultural values and/or artistic and other creative expressions which include architecture, archives, libraries and museums, artistic crafts, audiovisual (including film, television, video games ,product design, fashion and multimedia), tangible and intangible cultural heritage, design, festivals, music, literature, performing arts, publishing, radio and visual arts. Undoubtedly the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) play an important role not only for the European economy but also as part of a wider cultural and historical understanding of the European development.

The creative industries frequently require a combination of highly specialized knowledge combined with transferable, generic skills. The demand for skilled creative workers is strong and rapidly evolving, both in cultural and creative sectors and other sectors of the economy. And there is a big challenge is related to the mismatch between the skills needed by employers and self-employed creatives and the skills provided by education and training providers.

The project aims to create a sustainable and efficient education program for low skilled adult learners involved in the creative industries and it addresses a gap in cultural and creative industries where there is low emphasis on the use of new digital technologies, creating and design skills, marketing skills and support skills. In our Project we mainly focus on the skills of cultural industries (film making, multimedia, book press publishing),skills of creative industries and activities such as fashion, graphic, social media and product design; and advertising; and ICT.

The target group of the Project;

  • - unemployed/newly graduated adults
  • - unemployed adults who lost their jobs in covid-19 pandemic situation
  • - low skilled adults in creative industries
  • - freelance creative workers

The objectives of the Project;

  • - Develop skills and competences of adults who aim to improve their chances of employment or performing better in their current employment for future working and employability,
  • - Strengthen local, national and international collaboration and innovation in arts, cultural and creative learning
  • - To improve the achievement and recognition of creative skills through by e-assessment for adult education
  • - To enhance collaboration between education providers, universities, cultural organisations, SMEs in creative sector, civil society SMEs in creative sector, civil society organizations, creative workers and volunteers
  • - To design, develop and deliver a Creative Skillset MOOC to give the adults opportunity of having distance learning especially Covid-19 pandemic situation
  • - To provide added value in employability and local development through supporting the creative economy

In short term results;it will mainly adress the skills needs of Cultural-creative sectors and develop the training models,In long term results; it will maximize the impact of cultural and creative industries in local development and employment.The creative economy relies on creative talent as the primary source of value. The demand for skilled creative workers is strong and rapidly evolving, both in cultural and creative sectors and other sectors of the economy.

Our project will also provide training and development activity to offer a solution to skills gaps or recruitment difficulties and to reap these job creation benefits.The adults/unemployed adults/creative workser will have opportunity to gain skills and competences in creative sectors,to be employed or develop their works.Although the ones who stayed at home during the covid19 pandemic ,will have chance to have training,develop their creativity and have experience in creative works. The project will produce tangible and intangible results to contribute develop creative skills in recovering unemployment.

Target Group of the Project:


  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan Universitesi - Turkey


    Association Hexagonale de l'Innovation Sociale et de l'Education - Italy
  • Asociación para la promoción del empleo y la cohesión social "Asociación Creativa" - Spain