Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias - AKETH [Developmental Centre Of Thessaly – D.C.T.], located in Trikala, Greece, is a nonprofit continuing vocational education & training (VET) centre/provider. AKETH was founded in 2004 in Trikala – Greece. AKETH as a nonprofit organization uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission. Its revenues derive by its activities operating as international VET provider, offering counseling services and providing e-solutions through AKETH lab.
AKETH is aligned with the E.U. strategic framework about fighting the rising levels of unemployment –particularly among young people. It is the same risk which threats a high number of adult workers, resulting in phenomena of social exclusion and the increase of poverty. Such phenomena are more and more appearing, threatening the social cohesion and standard of living. The main way to confront the above is througn the improvement of provided education/training in terms of quality and efficiency. AKETH’s mission is to provide certified education & training opportunities, counseling & personal development in order to contribute in their life improving.
AKETH-DCT operates as a typical nonprofit organization. It is governed by the board of directors. The board is responsible for the policy of the organization and derives its jurisdiction from the Constitution of the Organization. The board’s work is coordinated by the chair and the board may organize itself into various committees responsible for carrying out different operations. An executive director is responsible for the management of AKETH according to the strategic direction set by the board. She is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of AKETH.



VET area: is divided in two departments

E.U. projects & programmes (EPA)
Sending /Hosting organization, Intermediary
organization, Consortium coordinator, Courses

Consultancy services (CSSA) is divided in:

Administration services / SMEs Counseling / Career Development

AKETH lab (LABA): comprises three depts:

Development & Design / Customization / Supporting on management apps/tools, e-learning and WEB-2 apps/tools, robotic.
AKETH is certifiied VET provider by the National Accreditation Organization for Vocational Training/Skills.

Moreover AKETH has been certified as adult  educators/trainers examination center by E.O.P.P.E.P.’s [National  Organisation for the Certification of  Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP)] Certification of  Educational Attainment for Non-Formal Education Adult Educators.

AKETH has been awarded for the implementation of its exemplary vocational education and training projects under Leonardo da Vinci programme over the year 2011 from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (IKY - Greek National Agency).

Our organization is making a constant effort to contribute substantially to equal access to knowledge in the society, to promote sustainability, healthy behavior and to shape a better future for humans. One of our main objectives is to promote entrepreneurship and personal initiative, as we believe it is the main way to help people get through the hard situation of unemployment that strikes many countries in Europe and especially on the southeastern part.

Aketh is a member of:

• the Hellenic Association of Continuing Vocational Training Centers.
• the European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Pr oject Results
• the Drop’pin community -Europe’s youth opportunities platform
• EPALE membership community for Adult Learning in Europe

Key Personnel

Achilleas Kostoulas

Achilleas Kostoulas

Mr Achilleas Kostoulas holds a degree in mechanical engineering and three master degrees in energy systems, management and technology and engineering construction management. He is the head of the EU projects department of Aketh.
Gulsah Aksoy-Tzafolia

Gulsah Aksoy-Tzafolia

Mrs Aksoy holds degree in Geophysical Engineering of the Istanbul University in Istanbul, Turkey and a master degree on Integrating Technology in Education. She has great experience in coordination and implementation of EU projects.

Giannis Papavasileiou

Giannis Papavasileiou

Giannis Papavasileiou holds a degree in Computer Science and a master degree on education and Instructional Technology. His main expertise is the development of e-learning platforms. He is a certified adult instructor and has more than 7 years of teaching experience in adult VET.
Xristos Nistas

Xristos Nistas

Christos Nistas holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Ioannina, Greece. He has experience in managing and coordinating both National and EU funded projects and is currently responsible for the organization of AKETH Innovation Robotics Lab, which includes innovative practices; educational robotics and STEM education.
Konstantinos Chonias

Konstantinos Chonias

Konstantinos Chonias is part of Aketh's IT department, supporting the European Projects Department as the resident technical expertise and production of digitized and traditional material in various forms.