A warm Touch to The Cold Heart

Start: 03-09-2018 - End: 02-09-2019 Project Reference: 2018-1-TR01-KA101-052532 EU Grant: 43266 EUR Programme: Erasmus+ Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals Action Type: School education staff mobility

Project Summary

Our project was prepared under Erasmus+ KA1 School Education. Consortium members are Atatürk Anatolian High School, Amasya Anatolian High School and 12 June Anatolian High School.

In our country refugee/immigrant number is explained as 3 million 551vthousand 78 people on 15 February 2017. Only about 800 thousand refugees from Syria are at school age and about %45 of them can go to school.

According to province migration authority data there are 2 thousand 987 registered foreign guests in Amasya and 2 thousand 264 of them are covered by international protection.

The total number of refugee/immigrant students studying in our schools is 623 according to Provincial Education of Ministry. There are 55 students at Kindergarten, 275 at Primary School, 172 at Secondary School and 121 at High School.

Except for Temporary Training Centres, public schools’ not having an appropriate separate training program, registration and equivalence problems, other students’ and especially parents’ reluctance about refugee/immigrant students’ school registration and teachers’ not having enough skill to deal with troubles are basic problems.

With this project, we aim to help refugee/immigrant students (in our schools) integration into both education environment and social life to help teachers and managers have more emphatic view to refugee/immigrant students’ lives. So we aim to communicate with students properly and find solutions about their social and psychological problems. Also providing high academic success, regular school attendance, a wish for staying happy place, increase in their success and social capacity and more healthy plans for future are our aims.

While determining staff from schools, firstly guide teachers then teachers and managers teaching refugee/immigrant students were selected. It was paid special attention to select teachers having most communication with refugee/immigrant students.

A responsible teacher tries to support his/her students by having more information about students’ lives, feeling and ideas. By means of this project, our teachers will have a chance to win a more emphatic view towards refugee/immigrant students’ lives. So they will be able to help them and make them participate in education life with full capacity.

With these trainings refugee/immigrant students’ school absences will decrease, academic success will increase, they will increase their knowledge and skills required in the future by having a better education today and consequently their and their families’ life quality will increase. Staff involved in the project will see different cultures and with cultural interactions, interaction between communities will increase.

Thanks to language training in this project, refugee/immigrant students’ education and social life integration courses and seminars; our teachers will be more cultured and chief architects for building a peaceful society.

All preparations necessary for European Mobility Activities (before and after), airfares, insurance, airport transfers, other transportation and passports will be organized by travel coordinator.

With completion of our project, refugee/immigrant students’ academic performance will increase by connecting proper communication, their school absenteeism will decrease, more realistic solutions will be found to their social and psychological problems, education and social life integration will take place faster, both they and their families will be happier and more successful.

Teachers involved in the project will make cooperation with teachers from other schools. Also with seminars after mobility activities, 150 teachers from all schools in the province will benefit from information, skill and experience. After mobility activities, effective communication seminar will be given to 200 teachers from all schools in the province and participation in this seminar will be provided. Thanks to this seminar, these teachers’ communication with refugee/immigrant students and other students will increase.

The total number of participants in our project is 18. They will have course and examinations about refugee/immigrant students’ integration into education system and social life as groups up 6 in Greece, Italy and Netherlands for 7 days in each country as part of mobility activities.


  • Amasya Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu - TURKEY


  • Compass Education - NETHERLANDS