AKETH AIRLab, aiming to meet the needs of students for STEM and Robotics training in a difficult period, continues its operation electronically in the e-learning platform (LMS) of AKETH.

The study programs, which have been certified and are under the auspices of the Hellenic Educational Association S.T.E.M. (E3STEM), combine hands-on activities that offer students hands-on experience and experimentation with the subject of their course, and online activities (coding, programming) with immediate benefits of developing algorithmic and creative thinking and learning the technique error correction in a programming environment.

The great advantage of the classes, however, is the package of support material that is sent to our students before the start of the classes. This is an innovation, consisting of an educational kit with engineering constructions (gears, pulleys, wheels, beams), educational programming board games, 3d models for understanding the three-dimensional space and other educational tools, together with the AKETH AIRLab activity book with additional information and problems to be solved by students. The support package is provided to our students at the cost of the lessons in order to offer an interactive learning process based on play and engagement activities for the children and upon completion of the course.

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