Kids Courses of AKETH AIRLab

Up to 8 children participate in each workshop, in groups of 2. Each team implements projects that include programming on robotic applications, construction and engineering challenges, application of new technologies and STEAM activities.
Below you will find information about our courses that concern children from Pre-school to High School, and our Competitions Courses.


5 years children • 30 hours course

Students arouse their innate curiosity for exploration and learning, through play with many enjoyable activities. Guided by tested educational programs from leading STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) institutions such as MIT, children develop social skills that help them collaborate and communicate with the world around them, allowing them to discover their own abilities and prepare for a smooth and enjoyable transition to primary school.


6 years children • 30 hours course

Students discover the world of construction and learn basic principles of engineering. The game works as a way of learning, through the research and discovery each team implement collaboratively. The ultimate goal of the course is to make the lesson an opportunity for creative play and expression, offering ideas and stimuli to develop children's problem-solving ability by discovering their own solutions.


7-8 years children • 40 hours course

Students learn the basic principles of robotics by building simple and durable structures. They understand the deeper principles of engineering and construction. Also, they learn about engines and sensors and try them out in a variety of fun constructions. At the same time, they develop STEAM skills by working on projects such as creating board games and renewable energy models.


9-10 years children • 40 hours course

In this course students emphasize on automation. They study, build and modify robots that provide solutions to problems we encounter in everyday life. Each team implements projects that include complex constructions, which are inspired by themes of global robotics competitions! At the same time, they are introduced to the world of 3D Printing with impressive constructions and experiments.


11-12 years children • 40 hours course

Students are introduced to the concept of EV3 programming environment, proceeding to simple and impressive constructions and come in contact with a variety of construction techniques. Children develop skills for solving complex problems through group collaboration and exploratory learning. At the same time, students are introduced to programming tools such as Arduino, implementing simple projects.


13-14 years children • 40 hours course

Students develop algorithmic thinking skills and a "programmer" mentality, use advanced construction and programming techniques and implement projects in order to apply them in a real microcosm context. At the same time, they discover the world of new technologies through their involvement with STEAM education projects tested by the leading educational institutions of the world.


13-15 years children • 40 hours course

Students develop projects in Open-source environments, with both Hardware and Software tools. They learn to program with text-based programming languages, which due to their simplicity, help students to understand in depth the basic mechanisms of programming. At the same time, they use their knowledge to implement projects with processors and sensors that are used to solve everyday problems.



The World Robot Olympiad is an extremely important, global event for science, technology and education. The WRO brings together children and young people from around the world to help develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through their participation in challenging and creative educational robotics competitions.

First Lego League

FLL or FIRST® LEGO® League is a global competition for children aged 9 to 16 years. It is designed to help children discover and love science and technology in the most fun way by gaining confidence in their potential and believing in themselves, while teaching them valuable life skills. It is organized every year, since 1998, in more than 80 countries worldwide.

First Lego League Junior (FLLJr)

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. is designed to introduce the concepts of STEM to children 6 to 10 years old while fascinating them through a tool that everyone knows and loves - LEGO®. Led by the coach, the teams investigate a real-world scientific problem. They also build a motorized model of what they learned using LEGO® components. In the process, teams learn about teamwork, the wonders of science and technology, and team value based on Core Values. These include respect, cooperation, communication and critical thinking.