AKETH Airlab is active in adult education offering robotics and STEAM courses through distance education. Our courses are addressed to kindergarten and elementary school teachers, and those who are interested in acquiring knowledge and developing skills in order to properly support children during the educational process.

Introduction to Coding and STEAM Education for Teachers

Participants will be trained in the methodology of teaching programming concepts in children 4 to 8 years old through experiential activities. Training tools will be used for the course activities, such as the Gigo First Coding & Robotics training kit and the ScratchJr training program, which participants will need to obtain in order to attend classes. Trainees will have access to AKETH’s e-learning platform where they can discover further educational material and additional interaction will be created with the other participants and the course tutor!

Course Aim

The purpose of the program is to get in touch with the teaching models and learning theories of STEAM education, so that participants can use the knowledge and skills they will acquire in the educational process. Participants will also learn to identify the phases of a teaching scenario and to create classroom activities.

Required material

Necessary equipment in order for someone to participate in the course is the Gigo First Coding & Robotics training kit, a computer or tablet with camera, microphone, speaker and a browser (Firefox, Chrome).

Course duration

The duration of the program is 10 hours and is implemented in three consecutive days.