Tuesday, 29 August 2023 08:30

Early School Leaving Prevention

Between 21 and 25 August 2023, eight teachers from the Directorate of Secondary Education of Kahramanmaraş, Turkey attended a training course on "Early School Leaving Prevention" which was held on the premises of The Developmental Center of Thessaly in Trikala, Greece.
The Directorate of Secondary Education of Kahramanmaraş in Turkey has been accredited in the field of school education under the Erasmus+ program. Every year, teachers and pupils are taking place on the mobilities. Different educational institutions are involved in the mobilities, such as kindergartens, primary, secondary, and high schools, science and arts centers, and vocational schools. The Directorate is an umbrella institution for all educational institutions in the region.
The objectives are:
1. Integration of immigrant students and learning of existing students to live in a multicultural environment, providing professional development of teachers in guidance and guidance in this field.
2. Promoting foreign language learning, developing language diversity, introducing teachers to innovative methods and techniques, and increasing professional competence.
3. To improve the professional competence of the personnel related to the orientation of the students to Vocational Education, to contribute to the proper decision-making by enabling the students to realize their talents
4. Professional development of personnel related to peer bullying in schools, ensuring personal development by developing the sense of unity of students in their journey of becoming individuals
5. Reducing drop-outs in compulsory education and strengthening students’ ties with the school, increasing the qualifications of personnel in this field, and ensuring their professional development
6. Students’ technology addiction, social media addiction, media literacy, conscious use, and increased technological productivity.
7. To raise environmentally friendly individuals based on nature and ecology and to raise awareness in this field