Tuesday, 15 June 2021 10:50

First Social Entrepreneurship Competition for Secondary Schools EU Scoop

On Friday, 11/06/2021, the First Social Entrepreneurship Competition for Secondary Schools EU Scoop was held with great success! from the Development Center of Thessaly (AKETH).

This competition is part of the SCoopConSS program https://scoopconss.eu/ and aimed at highlighting the winning team that will participate in the European competition that will take place in September 2021 in the context of an international event for Social Entrepreneurship in Florence. Italy.

During this unique experience, each group of students had 10 minutes to present their ideas, namely the virtual social enterprise it created, the innovation it offers, the Sustainable Development Goals it covers and to analyze the business of model.

The presentations of our students surprised us! Their innovative business ideas, the wide social impact, the coherence of their ideas and the original way of presentation were some of the parameters that made their ideas very interesting and unique.

After the presentations, the jury met online to capture the score given to each idea and to highlight the winning team.

The winners of the competition were the students of Fryganiotis Schools who created the CoinSEp "I WORK", in an effort to integrate the homeless and eradicate poverty by cultivating various products, under the direction of their teacher, Mrs. Geo.

The second and third place was won by the teams of the 10th General Lyceum of Larissa under the direction of Professor Zisis Karasimos.

The second-place team designed the virtual JSC "Drones on Fire" to prevent disasters caused by fires during the summer months, while the third-place team presented "BioLife", a social enterprise that aims to processing, to market products that have exceeded the expiration date, reducing hunger and poverty in the local community.

In addition to all this, during the competition, an educational painting game was held by KoinSep "from the essence", specifically by Zoe Davari and Martha Roussou, arousing the imagination and creativity of the students. At the end of the game they were given various gifts.