Supporting Students Coming from Divorced Parents Cope with Divorce

Supporting Students Coming from Divorced Families


5 or 7 days depends on the target grou.

Target audience

  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • School staff
  • school counselors
  • educational policy makers


It is crucial that teachers and the school personnel on the whole learn the effects of divorce on the classroom behavior of children for divorce-related problems can be a lasting source of children's stress. Teachers need to understand the emotional impact of divorce, provide a supportive and secure environment where children can feel safe and secure and open up, give them instructions on how to cope with the domestic situation providing them with self-regulation and coping skills; and offer resources that could help parents in cooperation with the school personnel.

We offer

  • Course Certification according to the needs and demands of Erasmus+
  • Possibility of ECVET certification
  • Rich cultural and leisure program
  • Cultural and language preparation using our elearning platform

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