Start: 01-11-2021 - End: 01-11-2023
Project Reference: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-SCH-000031630
EU Grant: 162.282 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for school education

Project Summary

In the background of our project are the most pressing problems facing the European Union in the 21st century. Among the pressing problems facing the EU, the issue of "global warming and climate change" appears to be the main global problem of the century. Living in a modern world with many facilities, based on consumption, our students do not have a responsible attitude to use resources and protect the environment. The target groups faces a common problem - living in a polluted environment and uncontrolled exploitation of resources. This project contributes to changing the mentality of students in partner schools regarding the need for environmental protection in the context of global warming. The change of mentality can be when students understand that our health and health the environment depends on each other. In this context, we thought of this project in order to raise awareness about the global climate and the contribution we can each make in order to reducing the effect of global warming. There are many factors that cause climate change. Most of the important reason behind these factors is the way of life of human beings. Climate change is considered one of the most important crises that countries face, because it is directly related to the existence of human beings. Because the climate change affects all living things and the ecosystem, especially through natural disasters, health, water resources and nutrition. In this context, we applied a survey on this issue to our students, parents and teachers at our school. with the following questions: - What are the effects of climate change and its effects on the world? - What is the relationship of some disasters on Earth the problem of climate change? - What the individual, local and state measures to prevent and stop the climate change, what is a global disaster? As a result, we saw that: most of the participants in the questionnaire heard about the problems of global warming on television or in the media. They have almost no information about the measures to be taken. Starting from this point, we have planned activities focused on raising awareness and involving the target group in actions that will help reduce the impact of global warming through international cooperation. We became aware, that we must act now for a more livable world in the future. In addition, we realized that people who have been exposed to various restrictions with the Covid 19 epidemic need more than ever to improve their digital skills. The pandemic year showed us the need to improve digital skills for better learning and communication. In this context, we have designed our activities to enhance digital skills. Through this project we want to provide quality education conditions for all students. We aim to increase their success by participating in project activities, to prevent them from being exposed to peer pressure and aggression and allow them to actively participate in school and social life. Our goal is to encourages students to solve problems and teach them to discuss through dialogue. We intend to take an active role in solving a global problem through projects in the EU region and international cooperation. We hope our project partners will be active in creating a strong Europe in terms of cooperation, communication, and mutual respect. Working on this project, we have strived to develop a high-quality education system with modern methods. We have also planned activities to encourage the use of foreign languages so that participants can communicate in a a language other than their mother tongue.

Target Group of the Project:


  • Colegiul National Mircea cel Batran - Romania


  • Selcuk Yasar Alaybey Ortaokulu - Turkey
  • Dijaski dom Drava Maribor - Slovenia
  • IC Pontassieve - Italy